We’re at the precipice of defining how ‘normal life’ will manifest itself in future. At the core of Health to Wealth by Accor is a deeply felt responsibility to re-align with and explore what matters to people and our planet.

We're About

Sparking change

Inspiring innovation

Thought leadership

What We

  • Honouring the wellbeing of people, Mother Nature and our planet.
  • Guiding and supporting the power of combined technology and humanity.
  • Delivering a community that inspires reverence through innovation and solution.

Health to Wealth by Accor will deliver a topical Podcast Series, an entrepreneurial chapter in partnership with VivaTech and a Whitepaper.

Podcast Series

Our podcasting event is a PURPOSED DIGITAL EVENT.

It is aimed at:

  • Shaping the future of well-being
  • Demonstrating entrepreneurial tech innovation
  • Presenting ground-breaking topics with cutting edge speakers

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In partnership with Accor – a WELLTECH GENESIS CHAPTER

It is aimed at:

  • Revealing disruptive and efficient tracks to better well-being
  • Leading a change-maker culture
  • Unleashing a new momentum in living

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Insightful observations and research – LEADING TRANSFORMATIVE SHIFT

It is aimed at:

  • Creating a roadmap for well-being priority in business
  • Joining the dots from macro to micro relevance
  • Providing analysis, clarity and foresight

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