Weaving together the value of humanity, wellbeing and technology, Health to Wealth by Accor is a conduit for transformative action.

Why Sponsor?

Health to Wealth is a jewel in the crown of our Accor global network.  Like-minded businesses have been inspired to partner with us and play a role in manifesting new culture, differentiated success and positive impact for people, planet and sustainable business.

As a Health to Wealth sponsor partner, you will gain advantages for your brand identity and positioning as much as for integrative well-being culture.

The very different aspect of our sponsorship legacy is our belief that evolution is as much about business innovation and professional skill as it is about personal growth and connection. Our sponsor partners with will benefit from brand and leadership support through the embrace of the same inspiration that we are showcasing; in other words, sponsors will be supported to be a game-changing custodian of transformative well-being culture in their own right.

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