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On a grassroots real-world response to waste.

Saasha Celestial-One is Co-Founder & COO of OLIO, a free app harnessing the power of mobile technology and the sharing economy to provide a revolutionary solution to the problem of food waste. OLIO is growing quickly, empowered by 70k+ volunteers. Since 2016, 5m+ OLIOers have shared over 42m portions of food in 62 countries. Before OLIO, Saasha founded London’s first pay-as-you-go high street childcare provider, and prior to that she spent 13yrs at Morgan Stanley, McKinsey & American Express. Saasha was named one of the UK’s “Coolest Female Founders” by Business Insider, has an MBA from Stanford, is mum to 9-year-old Nolan, and is the proud daughter of hippy entrepreneurs.

About the podcast episode

Sharing a recipe to reduce food waste

I do believe mass consumer behaviour change is possible.”

Saasha Celestial-One is the inspirational co-founder of OLIO, the app that matches surplus food with those who need it. She’s tackling the 40%-plus of the world’s food that’s produced but never eaten, by getting people to share as little as half a lemon.

In this episode of Health To Wealth, Saasha talks about her upbringing by hippy parents, her ‘rebellion’ as an investment banker and management consultant, and how she used her business skills to set up OLIO with her partner Tessa Clarke. Her mission now is to get a billion people globally to use the app – and reconnect with their common humanity along the way.

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