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On managing technology to be a positive influence in society.

Manuel Muñiz is the Provost of the IE University in Madrid, having recently served as Secretary of State for Global Spain and one of the key players in the Spanish Government’s fight against COVID-19. With a background in law and international relations and a professional interest in well-being, Dr. Muñiz offers a brilliant and visionary perspective, connecting the enormous challenges of digital transformation with the consequences for leadership and citizens. His message is overwhelmingly positive: that we must forge a new social contract and find fairer ways to distribute wealth, create a more equitable society, foster environmental sustainability, as well as being kinder and more optimistic.

About the podcast episode

Turning the Digital Tide

“One of the toughest things to automate is human interaction.”

Manuel Muñiz is one of Spain’s stellar thinkers and a former Government minister whose key perspective on wellbeing is the rapid advance of technology and the potential that brings to shape our lives for better or worse. Strategically directed, technology offers education, knowledge and connection; unconstrained, tech too often spells privacy infringement, loss of liberty, exclusion and wealth inequality.

In this episode of Health To Wealth, Manuel outlines how the shaping of public policy can mitigate the risk of negative impact on individual wellbeing whilst positively influencing society.  Along the way you’ll hear his thoughts on democracy, responsibility and the power of empathy in leadership.

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