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On the impact of nutritional health on business performance.

Kate Cook is a well-known authority on nutrition and wellness and a thriving entrepreneur. From her Harley Street Clinic, Kate has helped thousands of people adopt a healthier diet and taught them to eat not just healthily but strategically. For the past decade, Kate’s expertise on the connection between good nutrition, productivity, and business performance has led her to design and deliver numerous high-level corporate well-being programmes. Kate is the author of several books, including The Corporate Wellness Bible. She also established The Nutrition Network to provide mentoring, community, and support to other health therapists looking to start, operate and grow their own successful businesses.

About the podcast episode

Super powered through strategic nutrition

“Avoid things that are sweet, fluffy and white.”

Kate Cook is an expert on nutrition and the role it plays in wellbeing. She helps individuals and companies to boost their health and performance through being knowledgeable and mindful about the foods they consume.

In this podcast, you’ll hear about Kate’s ‘North Star of nutrition’: balancing hormones rather than calories; and that controlling blood sugar level is the key to maintaining your energy levels so you can live life to the full. Companies that place importance on their employees’ nutrition, she says, will see the results in greater engagement and productivity.

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