Harry Jameson

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On fitness, resilience and countering stress.

Harry Jameson is an award-winning well-being business consultant and expert with over 15 years industry experience of helping individuals, brands and companies to use wellness strategies to maximize performance and both mental and physical health. His private clients range from world leaders to global CEOs and from a corporate performance perspective he’s worked with tech giants including Apple and Twitter and performance icons including NIKE and Lululemon. Harry has a monthly column in The Times and has founded three start-ups in the wellness sphere.


Fit to Perform

“From a performance perspective, not all stress is bad.”

Oli Patrick is a physiologist and Harry Jameson a performance and wellbeing coach; together they have created Future Practice, an academy and learning community for wellbeing professionals, and PILLAR, a performance concept anchored to movement, nutrition, and recovery. 

In this episode of Health To Wealth, Harry and Oli give their separate perspectives on the relationship between fitness, well-being and health, and their shared message that it is desired outcome, not the journey, that truly matters. They break down physiological interventions into three domains: movement, nutrition and recovery; and describe how that translates to identifying the steps each individual needs to take to improve their own outcome. Oli and Harry reflect on what it takes for governments and corporate leaders to encourage and motivate people to adopt healthier behaviours, and the vital role information plays in this. And they explain why stress – which be good as well as bad – must be followed by recovery.

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